Opulence gown

THE STRANGER | Michelle Lara Lin

Photographer: Wayne Lin

1. Sometimes I get nervous about not having published anything worthy of reading for an extended period of time. Even though this is a personal blog, I continue to update it according to your preferences. I want to deliver content that you enjoy and derive value from. So if an entry gets more likes (usually the lengthier and controversial pieces), I try to produce similar content without abandoning what is important to me. But sometimes I just feel awfully uninspired to write. Writing is a highly circumstantial and emotional practice for me. I really need to be able to feel what I am writing about, or I don’t bother writing at all. Take this for example: in my last entry I mentioned that I was going to write a piece about my decision to drop out of college. I started this entry a few weeks ago, but I could barely deliver a tolerable paragraph. My mind is in a different place.

I’m so focused on creating this platform now (stopped using the term “startup” because it makes me cringe sometimes). It’s the only thing I’m able to think about and work on. There are still limitations to what I can write about on a fashion blog, and if I always wrote about the tornadoes that preoccupy my mind this present moment… You’d be seeing endless strings of code. Sometimes this lingering pressure to write long entries crushes me… That topped with the stress (pleasurable stress) from working day to night on a startup (okay I know I used the term again…). Topped with the intense insomnia every night that plagues me because I can’t stop thinking about New York. I miss it so intensely, and I would give anything to be back there right now. But I know I have to work hard and earn my way back. I know I create all this pressure for myself. You guys have been all too patient with me. Thank you.

THE STRANGER | Michelle Lara Lin

THE STRANGER | Michelle Lara Lin

2. My eyes have been particularly drawn to yellow (even more than green) lately. Yellow with a hint of sapphire, because this dress would go really well with a sapphire ring too. :D My fascination with yellow, mustard, and orange hues did not actually begin until I exposed myself to art history. Gustav Klimt has captivated me from the beginner because he quite the badass. He was actually an avid reader of Darwin, and on first glance what looks like  a typical “Klimty” painting of Adele Bloch Bauer in an exotic and decorative dress…

Klimt, Adele Bloch Bauer

…is in fact, a dress decorated with cells (sperms and eggs). Klimt was fascinated by Darwin’s writing. His love of cell structure is manifested in so many of his paintings. This one is titled Hope II.

Klimt, Hope II

I miss New York, and just want to go back to stare at these two paintings infinitely (Neue Galerie & the MoMa for all you art history enthusiasts in New York). *sniff* One of my first outfits on The Stranger was actually inspired by his art. My understanding of him wasn’t quite sufficient at the time… Still isn’t.

THE STRANGER | Michelle Lara Lin

THE STRANGER | Michelle Lara Lin

THE STRANGER | Michelle Lara Lin

3. Last but not least, I’m hosting a giveaway with Yuna Yang. She’s a designer I’ve really enjoyed working with since day one, so I’m honored whenever I get an opportunity to style her pieces and even more honored when I get to gift my readers too. If you want a chance to win some beautiful lace sneakers, just head over to my facebook page and like this photo. The giveaway ends on January 15th – so the winner will be announced shortly! xo

Opulence gown c/o Kristine’s Collection
Necklace by Club Monaco

love the dress…cute photo shooting…



  • I check your blog everyday (some times twice) because I’m curious to see what you’ll come up with next, why? – because you create intriguing content. Life moves so fast these days, it feels like if we don’t keep up we’ll get left behind – in your case you have nothing to worry about since you’re a true original, and I don’t mind waiting…for long!

  • the strength of your project is to manage a certain scarcity; it’s pretty similar to the authors you love, who used to publish one chapter from time to time, in XIXth / XXth centuries newspapers. Keep this fresh extimate power, it’s for our own good :) (and you still need to pop in London, we need to arrange a shooting :) ) xoxo

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