Paisley Prints: A New Obsession

THE STRANGER | Michelle Lara Lin (from:

Photographer: Demi Chen

This outfit here is the last outfit I wore for New York Fashion Week, shot inside the opera at Lincoln Center. By this time, I was beginning to feel a little burnt out, so decided to go for a low-key look that wouldn’t attract too many photographers. (Fashion week was sure hectic this season, but I will admit that I much prefer staying at home streaming the shows than actually attending.) While I was going through the photos, I realized that I had done a shoot with Demi at the same location last fashion week for one of my very first entries, Nobody wears black during fashion week. I’m giggling because I can draw explicit parallels between the two outfits… Perhaps there is something about fashion week that prompts me to dress in a bicolor scheme. Paisley and lace may be a strange combination, but the lace embroidery on the dress seems to resemble vegetation– and that gives the outfit its overall harmony. I’ve always been indifferent towards paisley prints, but the instant I laid eyes on this blouse I knew it would become a staple in my closet. I appreciate the construction of the blouse, from the energetic print to the twisted collar. What do you think?

THE STRANGER | Michelle Lara Lin (from:

The history of paisley is quite fascinating. The designs and patterns had Persian origins, but eventually crept their way into Europe through trade. During the rise of French Orientalism in the late 19th century, it wasn’t too uncommon to find paisley prints worn on portraiture subject or draping the furniture and interiors. The paisley design is named after a town in Scotland that gave bursting rise to the design’s popularity.

Left: William Holman Hunt, Fanny Holman Hunt, 1866-8, oil on canvas.
Right: Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres,  Madame Riviere, 1806, oil on canvas.

Paisey patterns in paintings

THE STRANGER | Michelle Lara Lin (from:

THE STRANGER | Michelle Lara Lin (from:

THE STRANGER | Michelle Lara Lin (from:

My love for lace is unbounded, but I will begin to make way for more paisley in my closet. ♥ Are there any prints and embroideries that you are particularly fond of?

Outfit identification:
ASOS paisley blouse
Topshop skirt
Zigi heels
OPI Jade is the New Black nailpolish
Gifted bracelet from Catherine

very nice top!

  • I love this look. It’s very well balanced, black and gold paisley on top lacy on bottom and solid in the middle. These longer lacy skirts over the shorter skirts are very cool and sexy. I’ve been seeing these more and more lately on IG where I happened upon your profile thestrangerblog, how’s that time travel collection going by the way? See you in the future… or perhaps the past.

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